7 Exercises NOT to Do If You Want to Lose Belly Fat


There are exercises — and then there are EFFECTIVE exercises. The two are not the same thing. Some exercises can actually be detrimental to burning belly flab.

If a killer set of abs is your goal, there are seven exercises that you have to avoid. They are:

1. Lying straight-legged leg raises (first 45 degrees off of floor, one leg at a time or both at the same time)
2. Hanging leg raises with an arched back
3. Sit-ups with the feet supported
4. Straight legged sit-ups
5. ANY machine-based ab exercise
6. ANY machine-based twisting exercise
7. Torso twists

Remember that the point here is to BURN the belly fat and DEVELOP the abdominal muscles. You aren’t working on your arms, your legs or your neck. Exercises need to target the abs and the supporting areas of your body, like your core.

Let’s talk about these bad exercises that you should avoid if your goal is to develop really great abs.

1. Lying straight-legged leg raises: An excellent exercise — but NOT for your abs. The lying straight-legged leg raises are great for exercising the LOWER abdomen… but not the classic six-pack abs are. Sure, any exercise is a better than no exercise, but you’re wasting your workout time on lying straight-legged leg raises if your goal is to develop your abs.

2. Hanging leg raises with an arched back: Hanging leg raises with a STRAIGHT back are terrific ab exercises. But when the back is arched, the leg raises do zero to build the abs.

3. Sit-ups with the feet supported: Here again… sit ups with the feet NOT supported are very good ab exercises. But when the feet are supported, that kills all of the advantages to your abs.

4.Straight legged sit ups: When the legs are kept straight out during sit ups, the muscles that are being used are in the back and lower abdomen… not the abs!

5. Any machine based ab exercise: No machine is going to build your abs. Great abs are earned the hard way. Get over it and pass on the machines.

6. Any machine based twisting exercise: Twisting doesn’t work the abs. Twisting exercises are good exercises to reduce the size of the waist, but that’s all they do.

7. Torso Twists: Again… twisting doesn’t work the abs or burn belly fat.

Make your exercise session time work FOR you. If you goal is to burn off that sagging stomach and build your abs, squeeze the most advantage out of every minute of your exercise program.

Doing exercises that are not designed to develop your abs is simply a waste of your time and energy, plain and simple.

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