How Many Calories Do You Burn During Specific Exercises?


We all love to eat. The taste of food at each bite is truly satisfying until we gain so much weight and we could not shake them off easily anymore. It seems that we have squeezed all the brine inside our body but the bulges do not seem to budge. Have you ever wondered how many calories you burn for a certain activity? Alternatively, how much activity do you need to burn calories?

According to a magazine, men consume 1.5 kilocalories while lying at rest, 1.25 when standing, 2.7 when peeling potatoes, 3.3 when washing dishes, 5.1 when walking, and 1.6 when indulging with office work. He consumes seven kilocalories when making beds and 3.37 kilocalories when washing and dressing.

If you are a 150-pound woman, and you have eaten cheeseburger and fries, you need approximately 81 minutes of jogging at a steady speed of 5 miles per hour to burn all the calories and a total of approximately 105 minutes of jogging at 5 miles per hour if you have eaten large hamburger and fries. If you have eaten chicken and fries, you need a total of 95 minutes of jogging at 5 miles per hour.

For a T-bone steak, a 150-pound woman needs to jog for 36 minutes at 5 miles per hour. She needs approximately 27 minutes at 5 miles per hour for ground beef and approximately 38 minutes at 5 miles per hour for corned beef. However, she needs only an approximate of 18 minutes at 5 miles per hour if she has eaten a round top lean beef.

For a slice of garlic bread, she needs approximately 13 minutes of jogging at 5 miles per hour, approximately 29 minutes at 5 miles per hour, unbelievably, for 4-ounce raisins but only 7 minutes for a medium apple.

It is important to understand the relation of calorie intake to weight loss. You must be conscious enough to know how much calorie you burn as compared to how much calorie you take in because that can determine the effectiveness of your diet plan.

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