How to Lose Belly Fat With No Effort at All


A common problem many people face is how to lose all that belly fat we carry around our mid-section. Most of the exercises that the experts recommend involve heavy exercise or the purchase of high-dollar machines or pills. Remember the electronic belts that were all the rage a few years back? These were supposed to “shock” our belly into losing fat while we sat on the couch and ate chips. Unfortunately, those belts didn’t work, or we would all be walking around wearing them all the time.

This article will tell you a way that you actually can shed those pounds around your mid section completely naturally and with no effort at all.

The secret is long meandering walks.

First, why walking? Walking is a great exercise mostly because it is so easy. We are designed to walk, and walking takes no effort. There are so many health benefits to walking that they aren’t even worth listing. Suffice to say, if the benefits of walking could be packed into a pill, it would be the highest-selling pill of all time.

But we all walk every day, so simply walking isn’t really the key. The key is LONG walks.

When we go for a walk, our body burns energy in two phases. First, it burns the energy that is stored in our muscles. When we walk, this is mostly our leg muscles. After about 20 minutes of walking, all this energy is tapped out, and our body must tap into its reserve fuel source – our body fat. Most of our body fat (especially for men) is stored in our belly. By walking, this fat is continuously burned off – slowly but surely. If you can go for one long walk per day, it won’t be long before you have completely shed all those unwanted pounds.

They key is to meander; to saunter. Don’t worry about sweating or getting out of breath. Those things aren’t necessary. The health and wellness industries would love for you to think that this is hard to accomplish so that they can sell you their products.

Pay close attention to the tip I have given. There are no tricks. You literally will be “exercising”. But there is no reason that this has to be effortful or deliberate exercise. All you have to do is move for more than 20 minutes, and after that you’ll feel great knowing your belly fat is slowly melting away.

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