Suck Out Fat – No Lipo and Still Lose at Least 1.75 Inches From Your Belly in 30 Seconds


Want to suck out fat from your belly… no lipo at all. Best of all, you’ll lose at least 1.75 inches from your belly.

Continue reading and you’ll learn an exciting new way to “vacuum out” your belly fat without liposuction… it’s safe, natural, and only takes about 30 seconds of your time.

No Lipo – Suck Out Fat Naturally

What I’m talking about is called the “vacuum pose”. It’s little known, but you may know it more as “sucking in your belly”. But you’d kinda be wrong.

With the sucking in the belly, most people get it wrong and suck in their upper abs area. Wrong… wrong… wrong!

You’d be lucky to get even half the results of the vacuum pose by doing that.

Here’s what you do instead. Suck in your belly button area… the lower abs. Suck it in as far and as much as you can and then hold the “vacuum pose”.

Hold it for a minimum of 15 seconds… but if you can, hold the vacuum pose for up to 1 minute. You can then rest and repeat or do it some other time.

Your goal is to do it for 5 minutes a day minimum… and don’t count the rest times as part of the 5 minutes.

Now if you did it for 5 minutes a day… in 1 month you can expect to be 1.75 inches thinner around your waist. But wait, if you are more ambitious like some of my clients, then you can do the vacuum pose for 15-20 minutes a day and lose nearly 3 inches off your waist in a month.

So there you go, the no lipo way to suck out fat naturally and in little time.

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