Trick Your Body Into Faster Fat Loss


1. Trick Your Body Into Thinking It is Starving – This sounds a little outrageous but it is essential to faster fat loss. By cutting your carbs you will signal your body to start producing ‘starvation’ hormones. These hormones are responsible freeing stored body fat and shuttling it to your liver and muscles so that it can be used as energy. You don’t need to starve yourself (that’s a bad idea). Just trick your body by reducing your carbohydrate intake to 50-100g per day to trick your system and crank up your fat loss.

2. Trick Your Mind and Stomach Into Thinking That You Are Eating More – One major problem with dieting is hunger. The inability to deal with hunger while dieting is one of the biggest reasons why many people fail on their diets and can’t lose weight. This is an easy fix – just trick your body into thinking that it is eating more food than it really is. How can you do this? Eat more green leafy (spinach, kale, lettuce) and/or fibrous vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, brussels sprouts, etc). These kinds of vegetables have a lot of ‘bulk’ to them but not a lot of calories. This means you can eat a lot more food without consuming extra calories. You actually trick your body in two different ways. The first is visually. There is a big difference from a psychological perspective when you sit down to eat a plate overflowing with food vs. a plate that just has a few pieces scattered on it. The second trick occurs in your stomach. Your stomach has stretch receptors that signal the brain, letting it know your stomach is full and that you should stop eating. These receptors don’t sense calories, they sense volume. Eating lots of green leafy and fibrous vegetables will activate these stretch receptors and you’ll feel full even on less calories.

3. Trick Your Body Into Thinking That It is Time to Build Muscle – Successful long term weight loss hinges on your ability to maintain and stimulate your metabolism. The major driving force behind your metabolism is your muscle. Muscle is a metabolic powerhouse that burns massive amounts of calories allowing you to peel off the pounds. The people that lose muscle when dieting are doomed to not only slow weight loss but also being stuck with the ‘skinny fat’ look once they are done dieting. Increasing your protein intake while dieting will help prevent muscle loss because certain amino acids found in the protein you eat work on the DNA level to stimulate protein synthesis (i.e. muscle building). Your body is smart (well not too smart as this article is dedicated to tricking it) and doesn’t like to waste resources so if it is building muscle then it won’t at the same time start breaking it down. This little trick will spare your hard earned muscle from destruction when you are dieting and allow you to keep your metabolism cranking.

There you go. Pretty simple…Eat more protein, less carbs, and more green vegetables to trick your body into losing weight fast. Put these tricks into action and you’ll be losing weight 2x faster than all your friends.

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